Prior Approval for 'off-grid' home

Brambles Barn off-grid house prior approval agricultural building to dwelling

We have just received word that our application for Prior Approval for this 75m2 agricultural barn to be converted to a dwelling has been successful. This is great news as it if one of the first examples of using the new Prior Approval laws to gain planning permission for a dwelling in the Mid-Suffolk area. To date the local council has resisted such developments but ours will hopefully lead the way for many more to follow. Our application included an extensive argument based on case law and a strong evidence base. It was worth it in the end as this will one day soon be a beautiful new house for the owners. Better still it will be completely off the national grid, producing its own energy on the site. 

Our next job is to start the detailed design and detailing of this building to ensure it lives up to its expectations. As always here at Modece, it will be highly efficient, built with natural materials and be an extremely healthy place to live. 

Keep an eye on the blog as we'll keep it up to date with the progress on this project, Brambles Barn.